Meet Your Small-Business Therapist

With over thirty years in accounting and tax preparation, Jax Wheatley has extensive experience in representing and consulting individuals, couples, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

And she’s proud to bring that lifetime of skills and knowledge to the developing legal marijuana industry. As someone who thrives on staying informed in regulations at the local, state and federal level, Jax knows and will confidently manage the financial and legal needs of your business.

Get More Than You Expected

Having spent much of her career serving the LGBTQ community, Jax is comfortable working in new and rapidly changing legal frontiers, and the marijuana business is no exception.

Jax seen a lot of changes in the legal system over the years, and much like the complex structure of domestic partnership laws, the legal marijuana industry requires a vast knowledge of rules and regulations, and a commitment to staying current on the latest developments. That’s Jax specialty, and it’s why she’s the obvious choice to be your THC CPA.

A Gram of Prevention…

Managing the finances of a business can be a full-time job. Is your financial and legal paperwork in order to apply for a business license, comply with regulatory standards, or file your taxes? If you’re not sure, now’s the time to figure out. Jax can help.

The day you apply for a business license or file your taxes is not the day to start the paperwork. And calling a CPA at that point turns into a frantic effort of backtracking to dig up information. That’s why enlisting Jax to manage your accounting today can save you hours of headache throughout the year, as well as countless dollars in potential fees and fines when tax season rolls around.

A Network of Knowledge

In an industry where laws and regulations change almost constantly, it’s vital to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding. As a member of the cannabis consulting community, Jax is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.

Being such a new field of business, the rules and regulations around legal cannabis sales are ever changing and evolving. Jax is in constant contact with her community of peers, and prides herself on staying at the top of the class in industry knowledge. Unless you’ve got that kind of time, you’re falling further behind by the day. Don’t get lost in the weeds; everything your business needs is just a phone call away.

Keep Your Green Out of the Red

Whether you’re a cannabis grower, a cannabis-only retailer, or a retailer of cannabis and cannabis -related accessories can dictate how you manage your finances and your file taxes.

In the legal marijuana industry there are many concerned parties, just like the multiple stakeholders of a non-profit business, and there’s a lot of time and money to be saved through Jax's ability to track, record and analyze information, and present it appropriately to each party. From seed-to-sale tracking software, to cash flow analysis, to separated cost tracking, Jax is the one person you need to keep your business in the black.

What’s at the End of Your Rainbow?

No matter what part of the cannabis industry you’re in, or interested in becoming involved in, Jax is the expert for you.

She’s been an accounting specialist and tax-preparation authority for four decades, and she knows what it takes to plant, cultivate, and grow a successful business.

Time is money.

Call today, and let Rainbow PDX help you find your pot of gold.

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