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Jacolyn C. Wheatley, CPA

Jackie's photo Eighteen years ago, Jackie opened her private accounting practice here in Portland. Since then, Jackie has worked with many fabulous individuals and organizations in the LGBTQ community and beyond! She loves providing quality, affordable accounting services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Jackie received her bachelor's in accounting from Portland State University. She has lived in the Portland area for over thirty years, and has been working here in accounting for forty. She is active in the local community, both as a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Portland Area Business Association. Beyond her work, she loves participating in local non-profits, both as a volunteer and as a board member.

Jackie has first-hand familiarity with the oft complicated legal and financial arrangements of queer couples. She doesn't just understand such complexity--she thrives on it. True equality is a long way off. But through the application of her accounting expertise, she strives to inform queer couples of the existing tax structure and the ways in which some of the tax benefits of marriage can be realized today.

In addition to serving individuals and couples, Jackie has extensive experience with small businesses and non-profit organizations. She is proud to count Pride NW, organizers of Portland's Pride Festival, as one of her clients. Due to her extensive experience with business and organizational development, many small businesses and non-profits in the Portland area rely on her expert counsel.

Daniel G. Fellin

Dan graduated from Portland State University in 2009 with a Master's degree in History. After graduation, much to his surprise, he found he enjoys accounting. He went back to school and received his Accounting certificate from Portland Community College in 2011.

To fans of our long-known wiz kid, Dan has decided he's more into computer programming than he is Accounting. While we still may call him from time to time to ask a question about how to fix the website that Matt horribly broke, he won't be serving clients anymore.

Beyond work, Dan is interested in writing of all sorts, the philosophers of the nineteenth century, and open source software. He really enjoyed writing this bio, as it gave him an opportunity to talk about himself in the third-person in a perfectly socially acceptable way. Usually he gets strange looks.

Susan K. Johnson

Susan, Jackie’s partner, has joined the practice! Her strong organization skills and background in professional organizing helps keep the rest of us in line (unfortunately, not even her powers can extend to Jackie’s desk).

She moved to Oregon in 1991 before moving to Washington in 2000. She came back to Oregon in 2013. She’s got over 30 years of experience in various office environments, ranging from clerical duties to managing a regional billing office!

Susan loves reading, eating outdoors on a warm day, and an easy hike in the Gorge. She loves to travel, having visited Thailand, Costa Rica and Jackie’s favorite beach in Kona, and loves Dragon Boating as well, paddling for the Amazon Dragons Paddling Club.

She volunteers every year at Camp Victory, a camp for girls who have survived sexual abuse.

Matthew J. Fellin

Matthew, Jackie's youngest son, now works part-time for Rainbow Tax & Accounting too. So that makes it a clean sweep: at one time or another, all of Jackie's sons have worked for her.

Matt is a graduate of Cleveland High School, and will be starting at Portland Community College in the Spring of 2014, after the heat of Tax Season dies down. Matt started just as every son does: filing, making copies, doing mailruns, technology wizardry, and other general clerical tasks.

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